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Every week new players will be voted on to the show. To get voted on to the show you must first prove you are worthy. The lowest ranking cast member, in eighth place, will be eliminated from the game and replaced with the next player in line, waiting to get on the game. There are eight players online that are waiting to get onto the game. The players in line are part of the game as well because they can interact with the cast and the audience to help pursued voting decisions.

Since the audience controls who stays and who goes, the audience can use various media outlets to ensure their favorite contestant stays on the game or their most hated contestant is voted off. They can use social media as a tool to gain votes for a cast member or player waiting to play. Audience members can also sponsor a cast member financially, which gains them votes, as well as adds funds to the grand prize.

Sign up to be on our cast waiting list. There are many benefits of becoming a cast member on the Human Video Game. Your talents will be exposed to audiences and industry professionals throughout the world via our live broadcast. As a cast member on our game you have the opportunity to profit financially via the games online players and sponsors. Online players and sponsors can transfer money directly into your bank account via our website to help you advance through the game. As a player, you can use your social media platforms to gain votes to help your sponsored cast member win the game. The more votes they get, the further they advance.

Your goal will be to stay on the game the longest and to move into first place. Let’s play!

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