The Human Video Game is an online interactive video game that feels like a reality television game show, except the audience controls what challenges the contestants compete in, who moves up or down in rank, who wins and who gets kicked off. Each week we will post a list of prospective challenges that the cast members will engage in during that weeks live taping. The audience will vote on which challenge takes place that week. Leading up to the live taping, the cast members are available online to persuade the audience one-way or the other and to try to convince the audience which challenge to choose and to vote them to stay on the game. The audience is able to interact with the cast via live video chat through our website and in our studio during the taping. This allows the cast members to reach each audience member personally to hopefully capture their heart and their vote to keep them in the game.

The contestants will be competing for various prizes including record deals, casting calls; photo spreads, and opening performance opportunities. Since this is broadcast live throughout the entire world this is also a platform for any genre of artist or talent to be seen and heard. There will be musical and performance challenges similar to such competition shows as America’s Got Talent or The Voice. There is also a slough of weird/odd/funny team challenges that brings the performers out of their comfort zone to compete in true reality show glory. These challenges will range in similarity to Fear Factor, Minute to Win It and even the likes of a Japanese game show! Mainly the contestants are playing for money as the game players can pay them to do various things. This provides cast members with an opportunity to profit as much money as they can through donations from the game players. The sky is the limit.

However, this competition is not just between the contestants on the show, its also a capitalistic power struggle for the online players that are playing the game. Since the audience controls who stays and who goes, the audience can use various media outlets to ensure their favorite contestant stays on the game or their most hated contestant is voted off. This can be done through sharing on social media to get friends and connections to vote for their favorite contestant. The players also have control over what the cast members do, so if the players really want to see the cast members accomplish a task, they can pay for it. The cast member receives money and the payer moves up in rank.






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